Shared Education with BIPS & St Patrick's & St Brigid's PS

P1 & P2 Shared Education

Shared Education is back up and running this year again for our Primary 1 and 2 children to enjoy some outdoor learning experiences in both our school and in St. Patricks and St. Brigids as well as areas in our community.  The children thoroughly enjoy making new friendships, getting lots of fresh air and exercise and going out in all sorts of weather!  We are now fully equipped with outdoor suits and we walk to our neighbouring school which has been a great chance to explore the local area along the way.  We have searched for signs of autumn, we have found shapes in the world around us, and we have discussed road safety and even jumped in the odd puddle!!! With our wellies on of course! 

P5, 6 & 7 Shared Education

P5-7 are also taking part in Shared Education sessions.  This term we have been meeting up with the children in St.Patrick's and St. Brigid's to learn more about 'Peace' and we have been writing our very on Peace Pledges.  These will be part of a very special event, which we will reveal next month!