Welcome to P7!

World Around Us - Autumn Term 2017

Our theme this term has been 'The Titanic'.  The children have been enjoying learning about the history and journey of the ship and about what happened on that fateful night.

Literacy - Autumn Term 2017

This term we revised some grammar terms and implemented them into our writing.  We were introduced to our writing targets and we researched and wrote our own biographies and recounts.

Numeracy - Autumn Term 2017

In Numeracy, this term, we made a real effort to revise our times tables and division facts.  We also refreshed our memories on how to do our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division written methods. Some children were even brave enough to take on 'long division'. The dreaded factors and multiples were also, very successfully, studied.

In other news....

*As part of our Shared Education work with St.Patrick's & St. Brigid's, we have visited Bushmill's Education Centre to take part in some fun team-building activities.  We were lucky with the weather on both days and had a fantastic time all round.

*We have also started doing a study on the River Glenshesk.  So far we have spent a morning walking up the river from the mouth, studying the different features and doing some map reading.

*  On October 11th, we took ourselves off to sunny Belfast and to the infamous RADAR centre.  There we learned about how to keep ourselves safe on social media, safety in the home, anti-social behaviour and road safety.