Welcome to P5!


World Around Us - Spring Term 2017 

In WAU this term, we have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians and a little about life in modern Egypt. We have been using atlases to locate Egypt in the world and have been learning about the differences between continents and countries. We have loved learning about how the ancient egyptians lived, the food they ate and the homes they lived in. Mummification was pretty gruesome-that's why we loved researching it!!!


Numeracy - Spring Term 2017

In Numeracy this term we have been learning about fractions and have been finding fractions of numbers. We will be learning more about time and having the chance to read and understand timetables. We will also be learning how to use and write co-ordinates and hopefully get the chance to play some games using these e.g. Battleships and Four-in-a-Row.Mrs Patterson will be setting us some more tasks to complete at home on Mathletics.

Literacy - Spring Term 2017

In Literacy this term, we have been revising many aspects of grammar. We have revised how to use speech marks, commas and exclamation marks. Many of us use apostrophes incorrectly and Mrs Patterson is trying very hard to teach us how to use these correctly. We are continuing to practice our joined style of handwriting and are using our "Presentation Cards" to help remind ourselves how to set our work out correctly.