Welcome to P2!

Welcome to P2.  Find out what we have been up to in Literacy, Numeracy and World Around Us!

Summer Term Literacy

In Literacy we have been continuing with our phonic and word work in many different activities. We have been doing lots of guided, modelled and shared reading, from both fiction and non-fiction books, and writing for lots of different purposes.  We have been reading 'The Rainbow Fish' and having discussions and writing about what makes a good friend.  We are looking forward to reading lots of stories about under the sea adventures and finding out about the many creatures that live under the sea!

Summer Term Numeracy

In Numeracy we have been continuing to do lots of number work and building our skills.  We have been doing subtraction using many different strategies including numicon, numberlines, our fingers and mentally in our heads.  We have been enjoying learning about time, length and weight through many fun activities.  We are looking forward to learning to count in 2's and 5's, capacity, area and giving directions.  We can't wait to use beebot and send him around the treasure island! 

Summer Term WAU

In World Around Us we have been learning all about food.  We have looked at where our food comes from, food from other countries, healthy and unhealthy food and how it affects our bodies.  We carried out an experiment with eggs and different drinks to see how different drinks affect our teeth.  We were very shocked to find out that pure orange juice is very bad for the enamel on our teeth!  We are now looking forward to learning all about Under the Sea.  We will be learning about different creatures, seaside safety, the RNLI and finding out about Grace Darling.