Welcome to P2

World Around Use - Autumn Term 2016

This term in Primary 2 we have been learning about two different topics; ‘Out After dark’ and ‘What Should I wear?’.   In ‘Out After Dark’ we learned all about nocturnal animals, people who are out and about at night and sources of light.  Daniel, our building supervisor, knows lots about nature and nocturnal animals and he came in and showed us a real hedgehog and we were able to tell him some facts about hedgehogs.  In ‘What Should I Wear’ we have been learning all about clothes from other countries and different materials and where they come from.  We will test some materials to see if they were waterproof and what would be good to use to make an umbrella!

Numeracy- Autumn Term 2016

In Numeracy this term we have been doing lots of number work and ordering and writing big numbers.  We have been adding using different methods and games and we are all really good at it!  We play games with dice and Numicon and we have been learning all about shape.  We have been sorting clothes and nocturnal animals in to different categories and also learning about length.  We have been measuring different items around the classroom and using Sammy snake and Numicon shapes and recording onto tables.

Literacy - Autumn Term 2016

In Literacy we have been doing lots of phonic and word work.  We have enjoyed listening to many fiction and non-fiction stories which are all related to our topics.  We have completed many written pieces, writing on different formats and in our books.  We have completed some factual writing, including nocturnal animals and clothes from other countries.  We have written all about the dark after we read ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ and did some group writing retelling the ‘Owl Babies’.  We wrote Thank You letters to the Shoemaker and his wife to say thank you for the elves’ lovely new clothes!