Welcome to P1


World Around Us - Autumn Term 2016

The Primary One children enjoyed being autumn explorers during a lovely autumn walk from our school, along The Tow Path and back again through our lovely ‘New Land’ grounds; where we searched for signs of autumn and noted all the climate change.  We came back to school and wrote all about it and did some nice leaf collections and rubbings and brainstormed adjectives about the feelings and sounds of the leaves that had fallen from all the different trees. 



Numeracy - Autumn Term 2016 

The Primary 1 children have been learning about 2D shape; circle, triangle, rectangle and square.  They can count their sides and corners and have made shape pictures and searched for these all around our school, inside and out!  They played shape games online, using a ‘feely bag’ and even sponge painted some pictures for the classroom wall! Loads of shape fun in P1!

Literacy - Autumn Term 2016

The Primary One children have recently begun their reading and writing journey! They have now embarked on the beginnings of our Jolly Phonics Programme, as well as developing their book handling skills and watching Mrs Mc Closkey share their writing ideas on our interactive whiteboard.  The children are very busy soaking it all in!  Pupils will experiment with their  letter formations in sand, on mini whiteboards and sculpting  from play dough;  before of course the good old fashioned pencil; and paper!   We look forward to seeing their progress as the coming months unfold.